ParentABLE started as a student-driven initiative at Evanston Township High school in Illinois. A group of students from the C.A.R.E Club (Child Abuse Recognition Evanston) advocated for parenting and caregiving education to be included in the wellness course required for graduation, and they succeeded. Their efforts led to constituent legislation that is piloting parenting education in high schools throughout the state of Illinois. The ParentABLE parenting/caregiver unit provides high school students with awareness, knowledge, and skills to care for and encourage the physical, mental and emotional development of children.

ParenTeach trains high school educators how to deliver ParentABLE’s ten- day Positive Parenting and Caregiving curriculum to their students, helping them develop a foundational understanding of positive parenting and caregiving practices. The ParentABLE  curriculum includes information about the effects of unintentional harmful parenting, the consequences of adverse childhood experiences, along with the power of resilience and positive parenting and caregiving . The 10-day course aims to reduce child abuse and neglect rates, break the cycle of unintentional harmful parenting, create a level of comfort with seeking future parenting and caregiving resources and support, and increase students’ Social Emotional Learning Competencies. ParentABLE is a web-based curriculum that includes, PowerPoint presentations, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes with feedback, note assists, and handouts. ParenTeach also provides access to a teacher’s guide for all teachers. 

Institution Application

The first iteration of our ParentABLE program is offered primarily to high school institutions and are led by their own teachers. To learn more about this option and view pricing, click here.

On-Demand Course (Coming in 2023!)

ParentABLE On-Demand is an online, self-guided course that covers the detrimental consequences of unintentional harmful parenting and caregiving practices, while also teaching positive parenting and caregiving competencies. This course will be available in 2023!

Parenting Essentials

Parenting Essentials is adapted from Parenting Fundamentals, an evidence-based parenting education program founded in 1996. Parenting Fundamentals promotes the social and emotional development of children, prevents child abuse, strengthens families and supports school readiness and achievement.

Parenting Essentials is a series of 8 parenting videos that provide useful tips and tools that caregivers can put into practice immediately. Parenting Essentials is web-based and parent self-guided with flexible implementation.

Parenting Essentials is now a self-paced course, available online to all who are interested in learning about positive parenting practices. Please see the link below to learn more and enroll!

Parenting Fundamentals

Parenting Fundamentals trains and certifies agencies, educators, health professionals, and individuals to prepare them to deliver an innovative, universal evidence-based positive parenting and caregiving education program for current parents/caregivers. Those who receive the training qualify to teach child development, problem-solving skills, non-violent discipline, and positive parent-child communication in order to promote the social-emotional development of children, strengthen families, and improve school readiness and achievement. Classes are broken into four different developmental stages; 0-4, 4-8, 8-12, and 12-18 in English and Spanish.